ZOOLeszcz Greyhound Snake Felt Collar (441)

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ZOOLeszcz Super Collar with Crystals

Currently In Stock:
One: 441 in Green, 80mm Width, 55cm Length.

Available to order:
Green and Yellow.

436: 50mm Width, 30cm Length, 23-26cm Hole Spacing.
437: 50mm Width, 35cm Length, 28-33cm Hole Spacing.
438: 60mm Width, 40cm Length, 34-39cm Hole Spacing.
439: 60mm Width, 45cm Length, 36-43cm Hole Spacing.
440: 70mm Width, 50cm Length, 41-48cm Hole Spacing.
441: 80mm Width, 55cm Length, 42-51cm Hole Spacing.

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