ZOOLeszcz Neo Elk Leather Collar (1496)

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ZOOLeszcz Neo Elk Leather Collar (1496)

Currently in stock:
One: Black/Brown, 20mm Width, 52cm Length.

Available to order:
Brown, Pink Blue and Red.

1566/1: 12mm Width, 20cm Length, 13-17cm
1566: 12mm Width, 25cm Length, 19-23cm
1567: 12mm Width, 30cm Length, 22-27cm
1568: 14mm Width, 35cm Length, 27-29cm
1569: 14mm Width, 40cm Length, 29-36cm
1496: 20mm Width, 52cm Length, 40-48cm
1497: 25mm Width, 56cm Length, 44-53cm
1498: 30mm Width, 63cm Length, 48-58cm
1499: 40mm Width, 70cm Length, 49-63cm
1500: 20mm Width, 35cm Length, 23-31cm
1501: 20mm Width, 40cm Length, 29-36cm
1502: 25mm Width, 40cm Length, 27-35cm
1503: 30mm Width, 45cm Length, 31-40cm
1504: 30mm Width, 55cm Length, 40-50cm

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