ZOOLeszcz Round Collar with Chain Martingale (512-516)

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ZOOLeszcz Round Collar with Chain Martingale.

Currently in stock:
1 Blue, 8mm Width, 35cm Length (512).
1 Pink, 8mm Width, 45cm Length (514).
1 Black, 10mm Width, 55cm Length (516).

Available to order:
Black, Red, Brown, White, Natural, Blue and Pink.

510: 6mm Width, 25cm Length.
511: 6mm Width, 30cm Length.
512: 8mm Width, 35cm Length.
513: 8mm Width, 40cm Length.
514: 8mm Width. 45cm Length.
515: 10mm Width. 50cm Length.
516: 10mm Width, 55cm Length.

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